Icoindex Becomes Baserank

icoindex.com -> baserank.io

Long story short

Way forward

Crypto Assets Reviews Platform

The Problem

  1. Most investors cannot quickly and thoroughly evaluate potential investment opportunities. The investment industry is full of fraud and bad investment offers. Investors need to do extensive research prior to any investment. It is very difficult and time consuming to do a deep dive analysis for every single project.
  2. In traditional financial markets, analysts and rating agencies who should be providing a reliable evaluation of the quality of bonds and stocks. However, the incentives of analysts and rating agencies are often not aligned with investors. Therefore, the ratings are often outdated, not accurate and in some cases totally misleading. Their ratings do not cover all investment opportunities. Despite all these problems, credit rating agencies — S&P, Moody’s and Fitch have a 95% market share forming an abusive oligopoly that harms the whole investment industry.
  3. Businesses raising money, require some form of third-party evaluation in order to earn credibility and attract investors. The problem is that if they pay an analyst or rating agency directly, the incentive is to give a positive rating regardless of the actual situation. Savvy investors are aware of this problem and already stopped paying attention to most ratings. Businesses end up paying enormous fees to credit rating agencies, investment bankers, and brokers to help them sell the assets the business is issuing. (Assets = stocks, bonds, tokens). Most free “investment information” comes from the “sell side”. Relevant “buy side” investment information is locked in investment funds and is hard to sell to other investors.

The Solution

  1. Investors have access to reliable investment reviews about investment assets without having to do extensive research on their own. All reviews are based on extensive research done by independent analysts that contribute their knowledge to the crowdsourced investment reviews platform.
  2. The key value proposition of Baserank is that it aligns the incentives of analysts with the interests of investors. Analysts have the goal to evaluate positively good investable assets and evaluate negatively the bad and potentially fraudulent assets. Doing this right will increase analyst’s reputation and the analyst will be able to monetize his or her extensive research.
  3. The system serves as well as a platform for asset issuers that want to be evaluated by reputable analysts. Businesses will learn what they should improve in order to attract more investors. They will gain exposure to investors. Fair game for businesses raising money that prefer long term investors over short term speculators.

How does it work?

What comes next?




Find the next Crypto Unicorn. Crypto Asset Research Platform. The most reliable place to find relevant information about crypto assets.

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Find the next Crypto Unicorn. Crypto Asset Research Platform. The most reliable place to find relevant information about crypto assets.

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