Introducing Baserank Rating™

Baserank is launching Baserank Rating™ — independent, reliable, crowdsourced crypto asset ratings.

Click here to access the full list of Baserank Ratings™

You invest in crypto assets.

Baserank Ratings™ helps you find the best ones.

Save time researching crypto assets, avoid dead projects or scams, and find crypto unicorns that have the potential to disrupt entire industries.

Baserank Ratingsare crypto asset ratings aggregated from leading rating agencies, independent analysts, and experienced investors.

Baserank Ratingsexpressed as simple numbers.

Rating Scale

Baserank Ratings evaluates the risk of a specific crypto asset. It is expressed as a number on a scale of 0–100, where 0 is the worst rating possible (highest risk) and 100 the best (lowest risk).

Crypto assets with ratings below 30 are very risky, assets with ratings above 70 pose the lowest level of risk and everything in between 30–69 is in the speculative range of crypto assets with moderate risk.

Currently, most crypto assets are ranked in the speculative range.

Crypto assets that have not yet received a Baserank Rating™ did not yet receive ratings from at least 3 independent sources.

Ondrej Pilny, CEO and Co-founder of Baserank, commented

“As more people get interested in the crypto asset space, they require fast and reliable answers to which crypto assets are low quality and which ones are worth researching and buying. Crypto assets are a complicated asset class, where some projects have the potential to disrupt traditional industries while other projects are just scams trying to steal investors’ money. Baserank Rating™ solves this problem for investors by helping them analyze which crypto assets have potential and which ones they should avoid.”


Baserank Rating™ is accessible directly at Baserank and is also offered as an integrated solution for business partners. This solution allows for seamless integration via API that delivers a reliable and comprehensive overview of the fundamental analysis of the whole crypto asset market to the final users.

Baserank is currently building pilot partnerships with crypto informational websites, portfolio trackers, and crypto exchanges to integrate Baserank Rating™.

If you are interested to integrate Baserank Rating™ in your website or app, contact us at

Baserank Rating™ methodology

Baserank Ratings™ provides high-quality and reliable fundamental research on 180+ crypto assets. Baserank adheres to rigorous standards to safeguard rating integrity, normalizing the rating scales into an easy to understand information.

Baserank Rating™ calculation

Baserank Rating™ is crowdsourced and aggregated only from reliable sources. These are some of Baserank’s rating provider partnerships:

Rating provider partnerships

Visit to explore Baserank Ratings™ and learn more.

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Find the next Crypto Unicorn. Crypto Asset Research Platform. The most reliable place to find relevant information about crypto assets.

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Find the next Crypto Unicorn. Crypto Asset Research Platform. The most reliable place to find relevant information about crypto assets.

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